Hania Rani

This is On Giacometti.

“On Giacometti” is a collection of beautiful recordings inspired by the renowned artist and family and features some of Rani’s most profoundly delicate compositions to date. Invited by film director Susanna Fanzun, to score her forthcoming documentary on the legendary artist Alberto Giacometti, Hania Rani took herself to the Swiss mountains to compose in blissful isolation.

As Rani explains eloquently below the compositions are based on improvised melodies, simple harmonies and structures and inspired by the silence of the mountains as Rani returns to her main instrument, the piano. The results are beguilingly reminiscent of her beloved debut album Esja, but with subtle extra layers of synthesiser, and on two tracks cello from friend and long-running collaborator Dobrawa Czocher.

On Giacometti is now available on streaming platforms and for digital download.

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When I was asked to compose a soundtrack for a movie about the family of Giacometti I didn’t think twice. Alberto Giacometti, a Swiss artist, who worked mainly as painter and sculptor has been one of my favourite artists for a long time. His individual style, aesthetics and the character of his creative process is still fascinating to me on many levels, so being able to dive even deeper into his universe, getting to know not only him but also his family was an opportunity that I couldn’t miss.

The album “On Giacometti” includes the excerpts from the soundtrack, the most representative tracks and those which became a strong voice itself. Based a lot on improvised melodies, simple harmonies, structures and silence it reminds me of my debut album “Esja” which was partly composed and recorded in another chilly place – Iceland. All these components, both mental and physical, guided me back to my main instrument – piano, which I tried to redefine again with a language of the space that I was working in. The space is usually the key element that gives me the answer about the arrangement or character of the project. Space seems to be the first to appear and music is the invisible power which is changing its angels.


Recorded and shot in the Giacometti Atelier in Stampa, Switzerland, Hania Rani was invited by the director Susanna Fanzun to compose a selection of delicate recordings

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Director: Mateusz Miszczyński

DOP: Mateusz Miszczyński, Jakub Stoszek

Sound recording: Agata Dankowska

Mix and mastering: Greg Freeman