August 13, 2019

My new video for Hawaii Oslo is out.

The compositions were born out of a fascination with her principal instrument – the piano – which, on the album, takes form of an upright from her flat. In her own subjective way, she tries to reinterpret the capabilities of its sound and harmonies, observing the way in which it resonates within a compact room space and translating, into the language of keys and hammers, the melodies she overheard on the road – most significantly, during her travels to Iceland and the Bieszczady Mountains in south-eastern Poland.

The album’s title, Esja (which is also the title for the first piece conceived with the album in mind), is a name of a mountain range in the south-west of Iceland, about 10 km to the north of Iceland’s capital city, ReyKjavík. Esja is a massive mount that can be seen from almost any place in town: vast, expansive, with a broad, snow-covered peak and colors that change with the passing times of day. This image has become an inspiration for the whole album, which, like the mountain, changes his character depending on the listener’s mood and their current time and space.

Esja is a search for space and liberty in music; it is a flight from barriers, clichés, genre divisions. It is an answer to haste and the everyday; an homage to beauty, simplicity and emotions.