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Esja’ is the second book (following The White Flag) featuring printed sheet music collection of piano pieces composed and released by Hania Rani. Please see t&c below.

The book contains specially selected compositions, art photography, as well as a digital pass to download audio copies of the titles coming from her debut album “Esja”. It has been manufactured out of high-quality paper and cardboard, sewn together in a way that ensures its stable placement on a piano sheet music stand of any music lover that chooses to read it. The scores include the 10 tracks from the album, as well as 5 other, yet unpublished, compositions.

This time, Hania envisioned the book as more than a mere set of sheets: she wanted it to be an album that tells a wider story of places, events and emotions that have accompanied her creative process. Interspersed among the scores are photographs by Marcin Leszczyński, a friend of the artist who joined her two years ago on a journey to rediscover the charms of her beloved Bieszczady Mountains (Biesy) and the inconspicuous beauty of Warsaw (Warszawa), where she studied and currently lives.

Another contribution to the visual side of this album comes from Anthony Zinonos, a U.S. collage artist who dedicated a number of his works to Esja in particular. The all-round graphic form of the publication was designed by Nicola Cholewa and the accompanying texts were translated from Polish by Piotr Wieczorek.

“I dearly hope that this book brings you joy, along some inspiration and motivation to pursue your own creative ventures, or to make music together with others. On purpose, I have not included many dynamic and articulation marks, as I wanted to leave you more freedom to shape your own, personal interpretations of these pieces. I know that I am leaving my music in good hands.” Buy ‘Esja’ here. 


Release date: October 17, 2018
Label: Gondwana Records