‘Hello’ is a song with a long history. Originally I composed this piece in 2017 or 2018, along with another song of mine – ‘Home’ – which was part of the 2nd album. In my opinion, ’Hello’ was not yet ready back then and was waiting for a more suitable arrangement.

Everything changed in 2021 when I decided to make another attempt at this track – because I always had sympathy for it and believed in its potential. I started from scratch, with a blurry idea of carrying the whole narration with different instruments and most of all, a different metre. 

The song is based on 4 elements: synths, moog bass, a drum loop, and quite specifically treated vocals, where the delayed part becomes almost like a new rhythmic instrument.

The arrangement is extremely pure, almost naked but all the elements successfully roll the track ahead, making it sound rich and full and hopefully very energetic.

‘Hello’ is a track about feeling a bit uneven and restless during the night. It is about this strange inner feeling that makes you stay awake and make plans, question things, overthink and not be able to sleep. But it’s an interesting state. The whole nervous system is full on, everything seems a bit exaggerated and you lose control over your mind.

Repetitive words “hello” are a little reminder to yourself to stay sane and think clearly. It is reaching out for other people in the very strange, empty space where you landed.



Music by Hania Rani

Directed by Neels Castillon

dancer — Kristián Mensa

drums — Wojtek Warmijak

double bass — Ziemowit Klimek

production company — Motion Palace

producer — Louis Arnoux

executive producer — Ariane Cornic

production coordinator — Sandrine Laveau

cinematographer — Eric Blanckaert

1 AC — François Gallet

2nd AC — Adrien Stefas

production designer — Romain Quartier

art director — Vincent Perrin

runner — Zoé Lazzaroni

runner — Elie Varraz

sound engineer / live record — Miche Moreno

mix — Greg Freeman

mastering —  Norman Nitzsche

tour manager — Bernard Ambroziewicz

driver — Tomasz Milewski

driver — Michał Żagan

artist managers — Monika Ignaczewska & Carlo Garrè (!K7 Music)

editor — Sébastien Rouquet

colorist — Sylvain Canaux

camera rental — RVZ

sound recording equipment  — MADLOC

Many thanks to — Manon Lazzaroni, Sébastien Lazzaroni, Estelle Rudelle, Jacky Ruffier, Mairie de Courchevel, Aymerick Mermoz, Florent Hazucka, Kelly Piano, Saint Louis.





Format: Digital
Release date: February 10, 2023
Label: Gondwana Records