“Home” is the title track from the upcoming album; hymn-like, its lyrics have become the whole album’s leitmotif. “Home” is a composition about the search for a safe place in one’s own self and the power of imagination; about life being treated as a journey. It’s about the causative power of our thoughts, which can bring down symbolic “walls”, like everyday worries, obstacles or fear. It is a hymn of freedom and a hymn of faith — faith of what has left us will return, and faith in new beginnings. A song about hope and finding glimmers of light even in our darkest moments. A sketch of the composition was created in 2017, with the lyrics following at the beginning of 2018. Since then, I have included it in my live concerts, making the song one of the essentials of my body of work. The composition has evolved and matured through the years, appearing in various versions, more and less acoustic. On the album, the song features a richer arrangement, as it breaths new life with a refreshed sprit. In addition to voice and piano, we hear double bass, synthesizers (Ziemowit Klimek) and percussion (Wojtek Warmijak). – Hania Rani

Video: Mateusz Miszczyński & Jakub Stoszek
Artwork: Marta Kacprzak

Starring: Kacper Chlanda
Drone footage: Krystian Dąbek & Kuba Gzela
Production house: LINOSKOCZEK