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‘Home’ is the third book (following The White Flag and Esja) collecting the sheet music of piano pieces composed and released by Hania Rani. 

The book contains specially selected compositions for piano and voice with some personal notes from the author, illustrations, as well as a link to download audio copies of the titles coming from her newest album Home. It has been manufactured out of high-quality paper and cardboard, sewn together in a way that ensures its stable placement on the piano sheet music stand of any music lover that chooses to read it. The scores include the 10 tracks from the album, 3 compositions for film and theater, as well as 2 other, yet unpublished, compositions.
This time Hania has also included a handful of scores of songs for piano and voice with lyrics attached to them. As a new element, the sheet music book includes the artist’s favorite piano pieces composed for the films over the past year: I Never CryxAbo: Father Boniecki and for the theatre play Pradziady (The Forefathers), as well as two previously unpublished works: Little Jose and Landscapes. The score is accompanied by original illustrations by the architect and the artist’s friend – Łukasz Pałczyński, who is also responsible for the artwork of the album Home. The illustrations were specially created for Hania’s music and this publication. The overall design of the publication was conceived once again by Nicola Cholewa and the accompanying texts were translated from Polish by Piotr Wieczorek.

From the author (short): This book was made for you. I hope it brings respite and joy – joy of the time spent with a musical instrument, with sound. Its creation was helped by a number of people, who, like me, believe in the power of sharing moments of wonder. We also believe in the power of books, their power in communicating our thoughts and dreams to others. When put on paper, our plans become more tangible; our troubles – more pacified. This book reaches the world in weird, uncertain times for us all. Intimacy has become the highest form of luxury. I want to believe that these sheets are a form of such intimacy – a material semblance of a meeting or a conversation. Even though we will, perhaps, never meet, it feels to me as if I wrote you a long and intimate letter woven out of notes, bars and staves.

Transcribed songs:
Letter to Glass
F Major
I’ll Never Find Your Soul
Don’t Break My Heart
Theme from the theater play Pradziady
Theme from the film xAbo: Ksiądz Boniecki
Theme from the film I Never Cry
Little Jose

Music and lyrics: Hania Rani
Graphic design: Nicola Cholewa
Illustrations and artwork: Łukasz Pałczyński 
Score edit: Aleksandra Chmielewska
Translation: Piotr Wieczorek

Set in: Spezia
Printed on: Munken Pure Rough 120 g/m2 
Printed by: Drukarnia Klimiuk, Warsaw
Copyright: Hania Rani
First Edition
Print run: 1000
Size: 235×293 mm
Pages: 116
Weight: 800 g