Hugar – Fall Remix

I’m happy to present you a new rework I made for an Icelandic band Hugar .

It’s now available on all streaming platforms.

I chose the song ‘fall’ because it caught my attention from the very first note. I was enjoying everything about it: from the string sound to the harmonies and the fluid tempo. There was something extremely ephemeral that interested me, and I was inspired to build a melody line on top. I didn’t know what Hugar were thinking about when composing ‘fall’ but I thought it would be
interesting to interpret it as an act of falling, rather than as the yearly season. My version is trying to express the moment of falling apart, both as a violent and very personal act of breaking down which is often hard to understand and rarely noticed by others.
Format: Digital
Release date: March 24, 2023
Label: XXIM Records