Music For Film and Theatre: Chapter 1 – Soleil Pâle

A personal selection of recent compositions for Film, Theatre and other projects. The First single from the upcoming album is called ‘Soleil Pâle’ which means Pale Sun. The music was composed for a project between french film director Neels Castillon and dance duo Alt Take (dancers of National Opera of Paris: Marion Bardeau & Simon Leborgne).

Writing music for film and theatre has always been a big part of Hania Rani’s musical world. It is also a part of the creative process that can be tantalisingly out of reach for listeners, either the project doesn’t come to fruition or the music simply isn’t available away from the film or play. From early collaborations with friends, to last year’s two scores for full length films (xAbo: Father Boniecki directed by Aleksandra Potoczek and I Never Cry directed by Piotr Domalewski‘) Rani has been involved in many such projects, each representing an important step in her artistic development and life as a composer and artist:

“Composing for motion picture or theatre is for me a very different kind of work than writing for my own projects. Firstly, I need to collaborate with somebody else who sees the world through the lense of their own art and craft. That’s why these kinds of encounters can be so exciting – they are a promise of creating something very new, as a result of creative work of so many people from all walks of life. Secondly, I feel that music in film is an invisible character, a missing emotion that creates a special atmosphere and sensation. It doesn’t illustrate, it completes the work of art. I think it is an extremely sensitive matter that rejects banal associations and easy solutions. I feel like composing for film works like an exercise for my imagination.” — Hania Rani

Directed by – Mateusz Miszczyński
DOP – Jakub Stoszek
1st AC – Łukasz Łatanik
Production in Mexico City – Violeta Films
Production coordinators – Constanza Perez, Ana Cardona, Mariana Tames
Executive producer – Linoskoczek
Postproduction – Rafał Szuliński / WFDiF
Edit / Color – Mateusz Miszczyński
Special thanks – Piotr Karniewicz / KODAK, Marina Hulia