Skalpel • Escape Hania Rani Remix

Following the success of “Highlight”, Skalpel presents “Escape EP” – interpretations of one of the finest tracks from the album. Escape has been remixed by artists from various areas of musical galaxy: the talented, neoclassical artist Hania Rani, masters of club music Catz n Dogs and one of the most talented, dub electronic music producer, Hatti Vatti. In addition, Skalpel delivered a stunning rework of their own composition.

The catchy, melodic theme and relaxed rhythm of this composition turned out to be quite pliable for the guest artists. Outcome of their work reveals Skalpel’s universal aesthetics. Opening this irresistible collection is Hania Rani’s intimate, focused interpretation resounding with a clear piano tone contrasted with a disturbing drone ambient. Hania, a recent sensation of the music scene, treated Marcin and Igor’s composition with utter tenderness.

Catz ’n Dogz, on the other hand, were ruthless when it comes to interpretation of the duo’s music. These great club producers have remixed tracks of Kings Of Leon, Roisin Murphy or Claptone. Theme from “Escape” is a starting point, a play on club music. By weaving in Skalpel’s melodic thread into the acid house aesthetics they were able to achieve a strong, expressive and euphoric effect.

Novel quality is revealed by Hatti Vatti, producer also known from projects like: HV / NOON, Nanook of the North, Ffrancis. He gives “Escape’s” arrangement depth and momentum by drawing from a palette of dub and electronic sounds.

Finally, Skalpel’s reinterpretation – rhythmically bolder, almost danceable, rocking, as if Skalpel wanted to cut “Escape” in the British, near-garage fashion. Skalpel, read anew, sounds fresh and indicates a captivating direction they are progressing in.

Skalpel „Escape Remixes”

  1. Escape” (Hania Rani Remix)
  2. „Escape” (Catz ’n Dogz Remix)
  3. „Escape” (Hatti Vatti Remix)
  4. „Escape” (Skalpel Remix)
Format: Digital
Release date: November 5, 2020